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Panasonic Business wanted to update its B2B brand to increase emotional engagement with customers and prospects, whilst emphasizing the innovative nature of their technology.

Torpedo developed a distinctive and comprehensive brand platform that took the Panasonic Business brand to new levels. A suite of core assets ensured brand consistency across 35 countries and multiple product categories – without breaking Panasonic’s budgets.

The re-brand needed a strong symbol, a bold hero image that would transcend the target verticals, representing freedom and the different products working together to deliver connected solutions.

Torpedo created the ‘Freedom Eagle’ to become the centre-piece of the re-brand. Featuring a cross-section of Panasonic Business products, the eagle embodies the ‘Freedom through Innovation’ message: Panasonic products working together, silently and steadily powering customers’ business and freeing them to succeed.

A series of product application photoshoots and video shoots for each key vertical created a new library of brand compliant imagery.

Results have shown that the new brand achieved Panasonic Business’ objectives, performing significantly stronger compared to the previous brand.

Post-launch ROI analysis by GfK shows a 33% increase in functional image and a 18% increase in emotional appeal. 13 out of 19 emotional attributes scored higher with the new brand.

Homepage bounce rates have reduced by 35.95% compared to the same period last year and research shows significantly higher engagement with a 30% increase in intention to purchase.

“Torpedo took the ‘Freedom through innovation’ message and strategy and completely re-built our B2B branding from the ground up: corporate identity, messaging, copy, imaging, artwork, web. The new brand and our freedom message has increased the emotional appeal, meeting our objective to position the Panasonic B2B brand as an innovative industry leader and a trusted partner for our customers. We are delighted with the results of the project and the positive response of our staff, partners and customers. We are very impressed that Torpedo have managed such a complex and strategic project as an independent, medium sized agency. It shows that you don’t need huge agencies and massive budgets to deliver high quality, global re-brand projects.”

Stephen Yeo. Marketing Director, Panasonic System Communications Europe

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