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Autodesk is already an expert in the way we make things. So now, the software company is exploring next generation design and manufacturing methods to help its customers adopt the technology of tomorrow – today. They call it The Future of Making Things. And, just outside Birmingham in the UK, they have a centre full of cutting-edge manufacturing technology and a talented team of people working together to bring the future of making things a little closer.

Now all they needed were enough forward-thinking manufacturing firms to join them on their mission. Autodesk wanted to attract innovative companies to visit the technology centre and kick off a collaborative research and development project. And that’s where we came in.

The challenge

The objective was to promote Autodesk’s state-of-the-art Technology Centre in Birmingham and showcase their facilities and equipment. They were targeting C-Suite executives and technical leadership teams, aiming for a small number of high value leads who would consider partnering with Autodesk for a Research and Development project.

The impressive technology and collective expertise at the Birmingham Technology Centre means that a visit to the centre is a key conversion point. But first, Autodesk needed to show these time-poor senior executives why they should invest in bringing their team to visit the centre.

The solution needed to be highly engaging and showcase the opportunities the Technology Centre could open up. We suggested creating a 360° video tour of the Technology Centre that would encourage prospects from around the world to book a trip to visit the centre in person.

Watch the tour here:


Our approach

We created a fully immersive, 360° video to showcase the state-of-the-art centre. Originally designed to be experienced with a VR headset, the video tour also works seamlessly if viewed on your mobile phone. Move your phone around, with the video playing in landscape orientation, to ‘look around’ the centre. You can also watch it on desktop by clicking and dragging the screen to look around.

Crouched down out of sight of the 360° camera’s many lenses, our team used an iPad to direct the shoot and ‘drive’ the remote-controlled camera base. The whole video was filmed in a couple of long continuous shots, giving the impression that the viewer is walking through the Technology Centre.

After the initial shoot at the technology centre, we created the ‘tour’ adding a voiceover and a series of tracked text ‘labels’. These were edited into the video to give the viewer more information about the machines and technology they’re looking at, at each stage of the journey.

This on-screen information had to be very brief, as people viewing the 360° tour have a lot to look at and pay attention to. We were also very careful to ensure that the information stays on screen longer than you would think necessary, in order to give people plenty of time to look around, and explore at their own pace.

The outcome

The 360° video tour has been hugely successful, and it’s opened the door to some high-value partnerships for Autodesk. When it was first used at an event in Moscow, with a VR headset, it prompted several successful ‘in-person’ visits, with companies visiting the Centre to discuss potential R&D partnerships with Autodesk.

While visits to the centre aren’t currently possible due to coronavirus travel restrictions, the video continues to work hard as an online conversion point to pave the way towards the kind of innovative collaborations Autodesk is eager to begin.


Torpedo tips for creating a 360° video tour

  1. Take care with setup – the video needs to be filmed as a single shot, so make sure you take the time you need to get everything perfect before you start shooting.
  2. Tidy your space in the same way you would if a prospective client were visiting.
  3. If you can, remove any confidential or sensitive material. Things can be blurred out of the final shot within reason but this is time consuming and it’s easier to remove or cover things before you film.
  4. If possible, have your team working in the space as usual (make sure they’re presentable too!). They should act naturally but remember to avoid looking at the camera, walking around too much or getting too close to the camera.


If you’d like to speak with us in more detail about how we can help you create a 360° video tour for your business, please get in touch.

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