An immersive video tour to open doors for collaborative R&D projects.


An immersive video tour to open doors for collaborative R&D projects.

The challenge.

Leading innovative software company, Autodesk is always exploring next-generation design and manufacturing methods to help its customers adopt tomorrow’s technology, today. They call it ‘The Future of Making Things’ and they have a centre dedicated to the cause.

The simple objective was to encourage fellow forward-thinking manufacturing firms to visit their Technology Centre and join them on their mission. Autodesk believed the visit would be the perfect kick-off and lead to exciting, collaborative Research and Development (R&D) projects.

Autodesk asked us to help them – we needed to promote their state-of-the-art Technology Centre and showcase their facilites and equipment to prospective partners. We were to target C-suite executives and technical leadership teams and the aim was to achieve a small number of high-value leads.

Earning our audience’s attention.

With an audience that is notoriously time poor, we needed to show the true value of a visit and give them a compelling reason to invest in bringing their team to the Birmingham-based Technology Centre.

Originally designed to be a VR experience, we created a fully immersive 360° video to excite our tech-savvy audience and give them a taster for what a visit in person could offer.

The video tour also works seamlessly when viewed on a mobile device in landscape orientation. To ‘look around’ all they had to do was move their device. We ensured it was available to watch on desktop too and this was made possible with click-and-drag functionality.

Crafting a fit-for-purpose solution.

To avoid ‘photobombing’ the 360° tour, our team used an iPad to direct the shoot and ‘drive’ the remote-controlled camera base. We filmed the whole video within just a couple of long continuous shots to best reflect what it would look like when walking through the centre on a real-life tour.

After the initial shoot, we added a voiceover and a series of tracked-text labels to give the viewer more information about the machines and technology that featured. It was important to us to keep the on-screen information brief to ensure it was all digestible and that the video flowed for the user. To enable veiwers to explore the centre at their own pace, we actively took into account the dwell time our audience might like at each point of the tour and chose to be generous with how long we kept information on-screen.

Producing an asset that delivers (even during challenging times).

We’re pleased to say the 360° video tour has been hugely successful, and it’s opened the door to some high-value partnerships for Autodesk. When it was first used at an event in Moscow, with a VR headset, it prompted several successful ‘in-person’ visits. All of these companies visited the centre with an interest in discussing potential R&D partnerships with Autodesk.

Since then, unfortunately coronavirus travel restrictions have prevented further visits to go ahead. Luckily, the engaging video can continue to work hard as an online conversion point and is still generating fruitful leads for potential collaborations.

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