Motion Graphics – A groundbreaking (and award-winning) microsite showcasing Maya’s latest capabilities.


Motion Graphics – A groundbreaking (and award-winning) microsite showcasing Maya’s latest capabilities.



5 minutes
average website dwell time
unique users in 6 months

The challenge.

Industry-leading software, Autodesk Maya had something great to shout about – they’d launched a groundbreaking motion graphics toolset. They also had a loyal user base of leading gaming companies and movie studios to target.

Autodesk needed a digital experience that would showcase the impressive capabilities that had been incorporated in to Autodesk Maya to educate existing users and inspiring new users to make the switch to Maya.

A visual feast for the eyes and the mind.

We wanted to capture the imagination of our technically minded, yet highly creative audience. So we created an innovative website that utilised a more interactive and immersive design – delivering an engaging user experience that was driven by the motion graphics themselves.

We put motion graphics at the very heart of the creative experience, in the fabric of the site design and interactivity. When a user navigates down the page, the graphics seamlessly move around, linking one piece of content to the next in a visually-rich, smooth-flowing journey. The user is always in complete control, with speed and direction driven by their scrolling.

Sure, we wanted to tell users about the new capabilities of Maya, and the free resources we’d created, but this wasn’t just an awareness campaign – we wanted to inspire these people to start using Maya for motion graphics. So we supported the website with eye-catching HTML5 motion banners as traffic drivers. Like the webpage, graphics flowed through the banners, interwoven with different campaign messaging, encouraging our audience to act.

Truly satisfying results.

In the first six months of going live, the website racked up an impressive 50,543 unique users. Average time on-page showed an extremely high level of engagement with the content, and the number of page views indicated that many people clicked through to the product-focused page. The average time spent on the website was over five minutes.

Add to this, recognition from The Drum Roses Creative Awards in the form of a GOLD accolade in their ‘Best Website’ category, and it was job done.

This is a truly innovative and beautiful site – one that allows artists to interact with actual motion graphics through the site scroll functionality to serve up relevant articles, informative videos, product features and tools built specifically for motion graphic artists.