AWS Future Insight – A high-value content hub for Rackspace customers and prospects.


AWS Future Insight – A high-value content hub for Rackspace customers and prospects.


visits in 16 weeks
of content views led to downloads

The challenge.

Rackspace is the #1 managed cloud provider. Focusing on its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division, Rackspace had completed a survey, gathering current and future usage patterns of over 450 businesses that use AWS in the UK.

Our task was to raise awareness of this important piece of research and deliver its findings in a user-friendly and engaging way.

An interactive hub and supporting campaign.

The Rackspace AWS Future Insight campaign comprised a comprehensive microsite and numerous supporting assets which drove users to it.

Utilising customer and prospect data, we launched the campaign with a targeted email journey. We also developed social media assets, for both organic social and paid. While animated HTML5 banners, delivering key statistics, were positioned in key online publications, inviting the audience to see how they compare. We even produced print pieces to promote the campaign at events, and as an internal promotion to tell ‘Rackers’ about the campaign.

A frictionless experience.

When the user landed on the microsite homepage, they were greeted by stand-out statistics brought to life with visually engaging animated graphs and impactful copy.

As the target audience was diverse, in terms of job role and AWS experience, we decided to optimise the UX by splitting the content into three categories, based on skillset. We also ensured social sharing capabilities were prominent throughout the hub to make it easy for content to be amplified.

Of course, Rackspace has absolute control over the content hub. Gaining access via the CMS, they have the freedom to edit content as and when they want.

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The user’s journey.

As the customer delved into the site, they came across our bespoke profiling tool. This enabled them to benchmark their business against their peer group, using the research data. The user would then be presented with a summary report including personalised graphs – generated in real-time – displaying the peer group average and how they scored in comparison.

What’s more, the data captured from each survey was then integrated within the existing data pool, enabling Rackspace’s research to continually grow.

There was plenty to discover.

Brimming with high-value content, the hub was also home to thought leadership articles, white papers and infographics from AWS evangelists, industry specialists and Rackspace employees. The microsite also enabled users to sign up for Rackspace workshops to improve their AWS knowledge and business strategy.



Tracking performance from day one.

The use of tracking pixels for the hub’s key events meant that reporting was simply collated in one place. After just 16 weeks, the hub had nearly 40,000 visits and the content viewed over 1,000 times, with 10% of those views leading to content downloads.

Safe to say, the Rackspace AWS Future Insights was well received, even making it onto the AWS monthly newsletter. The hub continues to evolve but importantly, it had already generated a number of key leads for the AWS Rackspace sales funnel within weeks of going live.

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visits in the first 16 weeks


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