Successful Sustainability.


Successful Sustainability.

Working together with Autodesk

Sustainability is a key element to Autodesk’s core values. We’ve worked closely with their Sustainability Success Manager on a number of projects recently and have just completed a new video that promotes sustainability success.

Sustainability Sales Success Awards Videos

Autodesk is running a 3-year competition internally to recognise members of their global sales team who have leveraged sustainability to secure a new client or grow existing customer relationships. The business selects a shortlist of Territory Sales Representations from around the world quarterly and ultimately selects one winner. Their achievements and project story are recognised at the company’s ‘All Hands Meeting’ with a video case study. That’s where Torpedo comes in! 

We established an effective format and narrative that would be the starting point for a series of videos which continues to grow each quarter as new winners are announced. Initially, we worked with the team on 3x videos of recent winners: Territory Sales Reps working with Porsche, Grupo Aluman and Goodyear. Subsequently, during the pandemic, we’ve created videos in the established format to showcase work with Salvage, Titan, Long & Partners, Iberdrola, Cemex, Compesa and Trane Technologies. 

The video creation process changed dramatically as the world went into lockdown and this forced businesses to look at effective alternatives to shooting videos in-person, something that wasn’t feasible for this project anyway, with its global nature. The Torpedo team devised a way to successfully shoot the talking heads portion of the videos remotely using a combination of Zoom and optimised recording on smartphones. We also arranged for a green screen, mic, phone stand and ring light to be sent to the winning Sales Rep before the shoot, to ensure a high-quality output was still achieved. 

Torpedo is still working with the Sustainability team to add to the video series. 

 Cover shot of an explainer video

Sustainability Infographics

To support the distribution of a recent research report, developed in partnership with Frost & Sullivan, Autodesk approached Torpedo to help design a series of infographics and social tiles. 

The objective of the project was to create easily digestible assets that would help communicate the findings of the research, enticing the audience to further explore the content of the white paper. 

The two key parts of the project were the set of infographics and the set of social tiles. 

The Infographic

The first part of this project was breaking down the report, identifying themes, and developing concise summaries. This initial process allowed the copywriters at Torpedo to create the structure of the infographic and develop key messaging. 

Once the narrative of the infographic had been established, the team developed a series of supporting illustrations designed to reinforce the key messaging and make it easy to digest for the audience. 

The outcome of this project has been a set of 3 easily shareable infographics, providing highly impactful assets related to the ever relevant topic of sustainability as well as a selection of graphics and information 

 A example showing infographics for Autodesk sustainability diagram

The Social Tiles

The second part of this project was developing a series of social tiles for use in marketing the report on social media. 

Leveraging the previously developed content and graphics, the team developed a set of 10 highly focused images tailored to the Autodesk brand and easily sharable. Part of the brief for creating the infographic was to bear in mind how it would translate into the social tiles, so the infographic was designed to be easily separated into social graphics right from the start, making them specifically tailored for purpose and interchangeable as different infographic sections could be taken and used on social platforms throughout the lifecycle of the report.

 An example of Autodesk social tiles