Introducing: Viewteam – our new software product

 an illustration depicting an office using Viewteam software

Exciting times at Torpedo. We’ve just launched Viewteam, our first SaaS product.

The idea of building our own digital product has been something we’ve wanted to do for a while now. As a digitally integrated creative agency we have so many great ideas for how we can help the world, however, finding the time to implement them has always been the challenge.

You see, we’ve been creating digital solutions for our clients for over 20 years, leveraging our talented in-house team and capabilities in UX, interface design, and web/app development to deliver outstanding results. We wanted to apply this same expertise to create something new for the Torpedo Group, plus expand and develop our skills further (both from a technology and go-to market strategy perspective) for the benefit of our clients. A win-win scenario if you like.

So, a little while back we setup a dedicated team to make this dream a reality. All was going well and we were busy working on one of our first product ideas when Covid hit. Like many businesses, from then on how we worked changed immensely and hasn’t really gone back. Hybrid working and hot-desking quickly became the norm and we found we needed a better system than our trusted spreadsheets to manage who was in the office.

We turned to the internet and a quick search for hot-desking solutions. To our surprise many fell short of our basic needs. So many of the options on the market had poor user experience and, although you could book desks, they were far more complex than needed and didn’t address some of the broader practical issues of running a business that come with a hybrid workplace.

That’s when we decided to pivot from our existing product development, and the team turned their attention to building our own Torpedo desk-booking system. After months of development, we launched it internally. Feedback from our employees was great and it certainly delivered the goods and made hot-desking so much simpler. However, after refining the software and iterating based on further real-world feedback, we believed the result was so good it was unfair to keep it to ourselves, so we decided to turn it into a fully-fledged SaaS product and share it with the world. Thus, Viewteam was born!

 the desk booking screen of Viewteam

Viewteam can be tailored and scaled to suit your workspace layout and organisational needs, ensuring a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes. As you would expect, you can effortlessly book desks, meeting rooms, and amenities with a user-friendly interface – accessible from any device.

 Viewteam page for choosing your office locations

Updated in real-time, everyone can stay informed about desk availability and occupancy levels, minimising scheduling conflicts and maximising productivity. Plus, the built-in dashboard and analytics provide valuable business insights into workspace utilisation, empowering informed decision-making around capacity and resource optimisation.

 Viewteam dashboard showing desk utilisation stats

Viewteam has been designed so companies can get set-up and use it within minutes. We’ve also added some unique and useful features to help teams collaborate more easily, and to help businesses stay compliant and run smoothly with variable staff numbers in the office on any given day.

We’ll tell you more about the journey and our learnings later. But for now, please take a look ( and tell your colleagues and friends.

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