UX research & design.

Finding the sweet spot between user needs and business goals.

You know something’s not working for your customers, but you don’t know why. You’re getting lots of traffic to your website, but people aren’t doing what you hoped they would. You think improving the user experience will help but you’re not sure where to start. That’s where we come in.

We’ve decades of experience getting to the bottom of customer needs, expectations, pains and gains. Diligent research and discovery, coupled with extremely creative UI design expertise and cutting-edge front-end development ensures we deliver measurable user experience improvements for our customers’ customers time and again.

It was great to meet you all and work together despite the slightly crazy timescales. Your fresh ideas and different takes on the UI requirements have bought a huge amount of value to the project.

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User experience (UX) consultancy.

Through in-depth user research, data analysis, hands-on workshops, rapid prototyping, usability, and concept testing, we capture a real-user view of your site to help inform a strategy for aligning business objectives with customer needs and expectations.

We’ll use these learnings to guide us in making decisions on how to improve the structure and flow of your products and services. In mapping business solutions to real user needs we’ll provide a solid foundation for the content strategy that will lead to a compelling, informative, and delightful experience.

Whether it’s a complex global website, app, portal, or a campaign landing page that delivers valuable leads for your Sales team, we focus on making your products and services easier to use, delivering better results for your business.

Accessible and responsive design solutions.

UX/UI designers love a creative challenge. Well-versed in UX principles and best practice, we enjoy pushing boundaries and delivering a fresh user interface that perfectly balances accessibility, brand compliance and innovation. We aim to delight users and remove any blockers to achieving their goals.

With the end-result often being a production-ready responsive website or application, we like to take an incremental approach that begins with mapping out the ultimate customer / user journey, aligning it to the user needs and expectations illustrated in personas and scenarios.

We craft site maps, wireframes, and prototypes of varying fidelity. We prefer to use real or indicative content, not placeholder text and always advocate testing with real users. Doing this helps unearth any problems we may not have encountered before, reducing the risk of more costly work in later phases.

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From ideation to design systems.

We run creative ideation sessions to explore the art of the possible to evolve our rough sketches into responsive, accessible user interface design that we’ll test again with real users and tweak into a solution that’s fit for purpose.

We love design systems! We are just as adept at creating custom systems as working with anything you currently have in place. We’ll provide clear documentation to ensure handover to developers is as frictionless as possible. Where possible, we like to work alongside developers (yours or ours) to make sure communication is free and easy.

We are happy to adjust the scope to suit your budget. We can even conduct usability and concept testing on a shoestring and help identify a minimum viable product (MVP) so we can get solutions in front of users sooner rather than later.

The entire Research organization is extremely happy with the new website and I don’t think we’ve had one negative comment, which is a first for me in all the website builds/redesigns I’ve been part of. Thank you for your patience and flexibility and for being 110% committed to our success.

Research and strategy.

Workshops, in-person and online are just one way we can unearth business goals, user needs and strategic alignment.

We also conduct expert review, heuristic analysis, competitor and comparative analysis. We’ll provide you with an overall score and for each criterion to indicate where your current offering sits against the competition. This gives us a useful benchmark by which to measure improvements.

Of course, talking to real users gives us some of the best insight. Be it through interviews, surveys, concept or usability testing; truly understanding people, their thoughts, feelings and actions helps us make evidence-based recommendations for improvement.

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Continuous improvement.

Launching a new service or overhauled website is often where the fun really begins. We’ll ensure that you have a robust strategy in place to keep it healthy. You’ll want to know what is and isn’t working, how users feel about the changes you’ve made – what delights and what frustrates? It’s often only at launch that issues reveal themselves. We’ll work with you to identify and priority ongoing changes to ensure that things are as user-friendly as possible.

We’ll equip you with the skills to monitor and maintain as well as introduce new content into the ecosystem. We offer ongoing consultancy that can be tailored to your unique business needs.

Great UX requires incremental change, informed by user behaviour and ever-changing expectations. Talk to us at Torpedo, and you’ll find we’re well qualified to create a seamless experience for your customers. And a very rewarding one for you.

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We’re always happy to chat through ideas for UX projects, big or small. No need for a fully formed brief at this stage, we can help with that too!

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