CRM Students

A new website that delivers a frictionless experience.

CRM Students

A new website that delivers a frictionless experience.


increase in visits
increase in session duration

The challenge.

CRM Students, a provider of student accommodation in UK cities, wanted our help in creating a brand-new website for them. It needed to provide more flexibility and have eCommerce functionality. To further improve the customer experience, they were also looking to integrate the site with TCAS (their third-party student accommodation booking system).

We had to deliver a solution that would support both short-term lets and summer lets out of term-time. The ability to customise the look and feel of the property pages was also a must-have.

We kicked things off with an interactive workshop.

To ensure we met CRM Students’ brief, we worked together to write a detailed specification for the new website that captured the full scope and functionality, including the eCommerce payment system.

Once we were all agreed on everything the website needed to deliver, we identified the user personas and usage scenarios to develop an experience that seamlessly took each user journey and delivered the content required to achieve the defined goal. This was built around an innovative chat-assistance user interface that guided the users through to the next step.

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Top marks for all.

Visitor analytics were taken soon after the website launched and we’re pleased to say these showed the new site was outperforming its predecessor. When we compared the stats with the same period the year before, we found that:

  • Visits had increased by 6%
  • Bounce rate had reduced by 3.07%
  • Engagement pages per session had increased by 32.9%
  • Average session duration had increased by 8%.

Since then we’ve continued to support and develop this site. We’ve also built two similar websites for the European market.


increase in engagement of pages per session


increase of visits to the website