BIM 360 – A construction website that builds more business.


BIM 360 – A construction website that builds more business.

The challenge.

To better promote its next-generation product line, the Autodesk BIM 360 website was in need of significant changes. Content needed to be unified and housed in a single web environment on It was our task to transform the user experience and build a new website that would improve organic search performance, user engagement and lead generation.

A thorough UX review.

We looked at the existing web experience and decided to completely rethink it. This wasn’t just a refresh of the existing design, or an update to the content, it was a full top-to-bottom revaluation of how they were telling their story and framing their content. It needed to be redeveloped to better serve the requirements of a broad customer audience and multiple stakeholders.

We created and executed a detailed UX development plan which included stakeholder interviews, customer enquiry analysis, SEO audits, card sorts, content priority planning, and a wireframe prototype. Following this, we developed the full visual design for the website using the insights we’d gained during our extensive UX process. We mapped out the user journeys and designed the website to function as a funnel, enabling progressive discovery of the industries, the state of technology, then the product workflows and features.

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A simple and intuitive solution.

The new Autodesk BIM 360 website met the project objectives in a timely manner and was quick to outperform the previous site.

Focused on encouraging net-new customers and driving adoption, we made it effortless to navigate and find relevant information such as blogs, case studies and event information. The site was optimised for mobile devices, but experiences on desktop are just as agile as on a phone or tablet.

Overall, we provided a user experience that is tailored, flexible, and helps every member of Autodesk’s audience find the content they need, quickly – driving them towards product discovery and adoption.

The focus on the user experience, intuitive design, relevant content and search optimisation has resulted in a 72% increase in leads and an ROI of 132% within the first 3 months. Organic search traffic in the UK is up by 132.18% and the US is up by 104.3%. User engagement has increased with a 84.79% uplift in time spent on site by organic traffic users, a 74.73% uplift in pages per session and a 59.01% reduction in bounce rate.

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