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To complement their travel vaccine portfolio, Valneva acquired the UK distribution rights for Moskito Guard® – a DEET-free insect repellent equally as effective as DEET-based alternatives. With no previous UK brand presence for the product, Valneva required a multi-channel campaign that created awareness and relevance in a challenging, well-established marketplace.

A sustainable customer-centric campaign was built educating on the risk of vector-borne diseases, while differentiating the product through the benefits it brings over DEET for multiple audiences.

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The creative proposition – ‘Tough on mosquitoes. Tender on your skin’ – simply and simultaneously reinforced the product’s efficacy while contrasting its benefits with the negative experience of DEET-based products. This made Moskito Guard® an appealing option across all audiences as demonstrated by the success of the ‘surround-sound’ campaign across direct, digital, social and sales, contributing to sales significantly above target during the first three months of trading.


3D visualisation of product packaging design and Point of Sale poster

High impact Direct Mail pack

Over 3.8 million consumers and retailers were exposed to Moskito Guard® key messages through all of the campaign activities during the three-month period, with coverage in both high profile and highly relevant publications. Website activity increased by up to 580% (average 259%) immediately following the roll-out of the individual campaign activities.

Over the course of the campaign, online sales increased by 1,345%. Consumer confidence and acceptance of the product was reflected in both an Amazon Product Rating of 4 stars and positive consumer feedback. Overall, the campaign helped Valneva in delivering sales 102% above target for the three-month period post-launch, a significant upturn for a company and product with no previous presence within the UK market.

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“The ‘Tough on mosquitoes. Tender on your skin’ campaign has not only established us within the repellent market, but gave us a strategic foundation and clear identity upon which to expand the markets for Moskito Guard®”.

Graham Thoms, Valneva UK Limited

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