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3D hero imagery

Autodesk AutoCAD

3D hero imagery

The challenge

Autodesk needed a way of showcasing the variety of advanced toolsets within AutoCAD that were being underutilised within the community of users, and to attract new users that could benefit from AutoCAD’s breadth of functionality. The selected content had to remove the perceived misconceptions that AutoCAD was just a 2D line drawing tool, demonstrate its 3D capabilities, and provide visual examples of how its tools could be used for different purposes by different types of users.

The 3D eco cabin from our winning campaign.

Taking the 3D approach

Having decided on a 3D approach to the project and knowing what types of hero and supporting content would be needed across the various channels, we explored what exactly our 3D model should be. It needed to be versatile in representing AutoCAD’s various toolsets, relevant to our target audiences, conscious of societal themes like sustainability, and, of course, visually stunning. We settled on a rustic yet contemporary eco-cabin in a woodland setting.

Keeping it real

The cabin needed to be technically accurate in design and engineering terms, otherwise our audiences wouldn’t take it seriously. And so, before we began the full free design the concept was shared with real architects and engineers who validated and fed back on the design itself.

We ensured our creation fulfilled the objective of inspiring current or prospective AutoCAD users by showing complex, awe-inspiring details of the cabin using technical linework on features such as solar panels, a rainwater collection tank, shadowing, wooden panelling, true-to-life mechanical features, and stunning interior design work. To give viewers the ability to scrutinise the designs and validate the engineering integrity of the model, we created transparent visualisations that revealed the complex linework and material details within the structures and fixtures.

The scope of the project expanded from the initial brief as the excitement of the eco-cabin grew. The AutoCAD team were eager to see more and more imagery of the cabin including it situated within a realistic woodland environment which we subsequently created from scratch.

The results

The eco cabin is an incredible piece of 3D work, and the hero imagery is used as part of the AutoCAD branding across the website, on social media platforms, on banners, in email signatures, in print, by sales teams and at events. Perhaps the most impressive and yet understated quality of the design is the perfect balance between stunning aesthetics and engineering realism, leading to a piece of hero content that is not only visually compelling but technically authentic.

Please reiterate to your team how delighted we are with the images. We wanted to showcase to the world the incredible technical toolsets available in AutoCAD to our customers and Torpedo have demonstrated that stunning and technically viable 3D models are possible!