Happy Holidays – a personalised, recyclable and truly scrumptious DM campaign.


Happy Holidays – a personalised, recyclable and truly scrumptious DM campaign.

The challenge.

As part of their wider ‘getting back to work’ campaign, Autodesk wanted our help to connect with C-Suite contacts in 35 key UK manufacturing accounts – a notoriously tricky audience to connect with.

The theme centred on collaborative working and retaining productivity while working from home and since these mailers needed to be sent during the holiday period, they also had to stand out from the crowd.

Our objective was to expand the contact base by giving Autodesk access to new opportunities to instigate conversations with senior level contacts and raise brand awareness by highlighting how Autodesk solutions help to maintain productivity and build resilient supply chains.

Inspired by personalised gift giving.

To engage the 35 key manufacturing contacts targeted by Autodesk, we tailored each mailer specifically to each client – adding a targeted letter and a QR code leading to a custom video message for each recipient from their Territory Sales Manager. Both items kept a consistent narrative, avoiding repeated information and achieving an optimal flow.

But, to truly achieve the ‘wow’ factor, enticing clients to contact the sales team, we needed a show-stopping giveaway –  personalised Belgian chocolates. Not only were they delicious, but as a bonus, the etched pattern and personalisation was created using subtractive manufacturing technology, powered by Autodesk software.

We took inspiration from the holiday season – designing a Christmas-themed, letterbox-sized mailer with 100% recyclable material (embracing sustainable best practices to further embody Autodesk’s brand values). And in the spirit of giving, we allowed each recipient to nominate an additional person to receive their own version of the mailer two weeks later.

Deliciously successful.

The project delivered great results for Autodesk – receiving fantastic feedback on its design, quality (and taste)! It was also highly successful in sparking conversations between clients and the sales team – facilitating calls and business development:

  • 334% ROI
  • 14% conversion with five initial conversations held with the C-Suite target audience
  • 14% expansion of contact base including a Managing Director.

According to their sales team, the mailer encouraged great client conversations, engaging some previously unresponsive contacts and even driving some to register for Autodesk’s Innovation Workshop. In fact, the mailer proved so successful that it was translated into German, expanding its use to clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We were absolutely delighted with the highly personalised gift and feel like, with all the requests met, this was a huge success, connected with many new customers, which created a great pipeline!

This one worked nicely. I’ve been trying to engage the MD for months but had not got any replies. Now he replied with the nomination and also acknowledged my previous emails and agreed to a call in the new year.