Fine Print

Business that comes through the door when prospects can’t.

Fine Print

Business that comes through the door when prospects can’t.

The challenge.

Traditionally, the process of choosing a printer involved a visit to their premises. That way, not only would you get a better understanding of their facilities and capabilities, you’d come away with a real feel for the quality of their work. In recent years, however, much of that buyer journey has taken place online.

Printing is a highly competitive market, but not all printers share the same level of capability. Fine Print is an established print firm, and a successful one, mainly due to their reputation for outstanding quality, expertise and customer service. But the company also puts much of their success down to their modern factory and extensive facilities – a real differentiator that helps to win new business.

Torpedo worked with Fine Print, not just to help them find a new way to engage prospective customers, but to demonstrate the full extent of their factory and capabilities, at a time when inviting prospects to see it was out of the question.

Visiting without visiting.

Using the latest in virtual 3D space technology, we created an immersive experience that could take visitors to Fine Print’s website on a comprehensive virtual tour.

The first job was to capture the entire Fine Print factory in full 360° video before building a user interface optimised to showcase Fine Print’s capabilities. This took on the dual role of delivering an intuitive user experience while encapsulating the Fine Print branding.

The result allows potential customers to explore Fine Print in their own time, anytime. By navigating around the factory, it’s possible to see both the scale of the set-up and the key facilities, as if the visitor were there in person. Our team also incorporated real sound from the presses and factory to help set the scene and add another layer of realism.

In place of a dedicated tour guide, interactive hotspots enable the user to learn more about the print presses, equipment and supporting services offered. Incorporating supporting video and explanatory text, every aspect of the Fine Print service is communicated. Now any prospect looking at Fine Print as part of their decision-making process can get the full picture. And all for around the same cost to Fine Print as shooting a standard online video.

The results.

With full metrics built into the Torpedo solution, we can report on data such as number of users, duration, user interaction, and engagement with hotspots – all helping to identify which of the capability areas get the most interest.

We can safely say that engagement and customer feedback to date has been fantastic. The virtual tour has made a massive difference to the sales process and – in a market hampered by lockdowns and travel restrictions – it has enabled Fine Print to engage with new customers that would otherwise have been impossible to reach.

Take the Fine Print tour

A factory visit provides a great insight into the scale and efficiency of our operation, plus a mini education in print. The immersive virtual tour created by Torpedo allows us to welcome customers even when physical visits are not possible. It does a terrific job at getting across our size and ethos, resulting in a visit to our website now feeling as close as a visit to the factory can feel.