Our risk, your reward. A personalised direct mail campaign.


Our risk, your reward. A personalised direct mail campaign.



Opened by CFOs
CFO response rate

The challenge.

How do you capture the attention of CFOs in huge UK corporations and convince them to switch to a provider of IT financial management solutions that is new to the UK market? This was the challenge facing Torpedo, creating a campaign for Serviceware aimed at 10 strategic UK companies.

The objective was to initiate a conversation with the CFO. Serviceware was confident it could find at least £10 million of IT related savings trapped in the business processes of each of the target companies and, if they couldn’t, they would reimburse up to £100,000 in value for their time. ‘Our risk, your reward’ was Serviceware’s promise.

 Sports and travel background. 3d illustration with cut of the ground and the desert road and the lake.

A personal touch.

Using a modernised ‘film noir’ aesthetic for visual impact, Torpedo designed a direct mail campaign telling the story of ‘The CFO who was struggling to find the missing millions to help fund their digital transformation projects’.

On opening the mailer, the recipient found a built-in video player, branded headphones and a personalised ticket inviting them to watch the video, with a personally recorded message from Serviceware’s International CEO, addressing the CFO by name and highlighting their specific business challenges. The journey continued to a personalised landing page that provided more information about Serviceware, logos of existing global customers, more details about the ‘our risk, your reward’ offering and, finally, a call to action to contact the Serviceware CEO directly to take the conversation further.


Despite the direct mailer being sent out during the global pandemic, all the boxes arrived with the correct recipient at each of the 10 companies we targeted.

Encouragingly, 70% (7 out of 10) of the companies responded with a positive reaction to the mailer, and Serviceware is currently in active sales conversations with two of the targeted companies.

With high levels of personalisation, creativity (including animation) and video messaging – we were thrilled with the end result, which has already opened up some great discussions with potential customers.