Content marketing.

Content that gets you noticed and drives traffic to your website.

We get it. Your boss or your board say: ‘Let’s just do some content marketing’ as if it’s some kind of silver bullet. And it can make a huge difference to your bottom line. But first, you’ve got to do it right.

So, how exactly are you supposed to conjure up all this content? Which content is right for your audience and your brand? And who has the time to create it? That’s where we come in.

Whoever your audience is, we’ll get them listening, interacting and converting.

Why content marketing?


of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. (HubSpot, 2020)


Content marketing generates three times more leads than paid advertising. (Content Marketing Institute 2017)


of marketers agree that having a good content marketing strategy is a major key to their success. (B2B Content Marketing 2018)


Video has become the leading form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics. (HubSpot, 2020)

Here’s how we do it:

Content strategy.

Content in one form or another underpins all your marketing activity. The first step is to see things from your customers’ perspective. What are you going to create that’s going to be useful and relevant to them? You need to answer the key questions: who, how, what and more importantly, why? We’ll work with you to identify the target audience groups and create a content framework and engagement schedule that supports each stage of the buying process.

Content campaigns.

Integrated content campaigns with added SEO strategy, audience tracking and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). We’ll work hard to give you KPI-smashing campaign performance – and the data to prove it.

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Content creation.

We make content relevant and compelling, ready to capture the attention of your audience. We bring it to life through many different formats, both digitally online and also offline:

  • Video and animation
  • Infographics
  • Interactive content and games
  • Virtual 3D experiences
  • eBooks and whitepapers
  • Email and direct mail
  • Blogs, articles and more.

What I love about working with Torpedo is that they really care about our customers and do what is in their power to help us impress and delight our customers by delivering high-quality work. They not only understand our business but also understand our processes and way of working and do their best to align in a way that makes our daily job much easier and are flexible when we need to solve unexpected problems. I am fully confident when working with Torpedo that we will always deliver in time the best possible marketing communication and reach our targets no matter how difficult the challenges we get.

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Content distribution.

We use digital marketing and social media to make sure your content is found by the right people. After all, creating content is pointless if nobody sees it.

Content promotion.

We’ll take care of amplifying your content – using targeted channels to reach more of your potential customers. We’ll get your content noticed.

Lead generation.

Driving traffic to your website is just the first step. We’ll help you to identify, capture and nurture those leads.

Search engine optimisation.

Our Google-certified team combines effective copywriting and SEO expertise to boost your organic search engine rankings.

Looking to find out more?

If you’d like support in putting any (or all) of these ideas into practice, or deciding which one would work best for you, send us a message or give us a call.

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